Mailart Mission Accomplished!

I have had a long-time goal of being included on Brain Cell Issue #888.

Well, my penfriends, I made it!!

My rubber stamp design was included in Issue #888 in the upper left-hand corner in a pretty teal/blue ink.
"Flemina Island PMP-008, with palm frond".

 PMP = Postal Modern Permit

With the frequent mail I sent Mr. Cohen's way, I also was on Issue #887.

Above: My rubber stamp self-portrait, My "BLA" hand-carved stamp, AND my Infinite Network stamp were all included in green ink on the bottom left-hand side. Also included was the "Flemina Island PMP-008" in orange ink towards the middle-right. 

A pleasant surprise that the artistamp I designed for Vittore Baroni's GAC call for submissions (which was put on the documentation cover!) was included in green ink on the bottom right-hand corner. This must have trailed in on someone else's mail. How fun!

Brain Cell #885 included my small return address stamp at the tippitytop in pink ink.

 This so totally made my mail art week/month/year!

Do YOU have any current or future mail art goals?