Outgoing: Le Labyrinthe

I participated in the Lettres et Images last call for Gothic mail art. This one calls for a Labyrinth theme. I made something a little outside of my normal collage. Never hurts to stretch outside of your normal creative comfort zone. 


Incoming from Mary @ Uncustomary Art

Mary (from Uncustomary Art) kindly sent me a postcard, and of course, it is COLORFUL!

Love the retro "Take a Bite Out of Crime" McGruff stamp!


eX Postal Facto HeebeeJeebee Special

A belated post of incoming mail from Heebee JeebeeLand.

This scrumptious piece of mail art from Test Tower features glorious artistamp homage to the upcoming eX Postal Facto conference in San Francisco.

I leave you with a 4th Dimension Proverb: "Each mind has its own method and we cannot oversee each other's secret. The path is for your steps alone."  That about sums it [life] up.


Outgoing: The Transformative Vision

Outgoing postcard to the mail art call: The Transformative Vision


I printed a batch of these postcards with this image I snapped in the Keys. 

Driftwood in the sand that looked mysteriously like a seahorse. I inverted the colors so it looked like a seahorse in space. :) Thought this image was super appropriate for the "Transformative" mail art call. 

"A house becomes a face, a picture of a cheesy pizza becomes a cloud, a cloud becomes a dragon."

Here's the original:


Papergirl: San Francisco 2013

Papergirl SF posted the 2013 artwork received. My artistamps landed right next to Russell Manning's Hit Girl postcard. Awesome!

Here is a list of the 2013 participating artists.


Mail Art Call: G.A. Cavellini Centennial

I created the above artistamp for the below mail art call.


Take part in the G.A.Cavellini 1914-2014 Centennial Artistamps portfolio!

To participate in one of the collective G.A.Cavellini Centennial artistamps sheets that will be issued by E.O.N. Post in 2014, simply send one original square postage stamp design in tribute to Cavellini to the address below. The unpublished work in color must be cm. 15 x 15 in size (7 x 7 inches) and will be reduced for printing to cm. 5 x 5 (2 x 2 inches). 

A first collective sheet of stamps will be issued in January 2014 and other sheets will follow whenever enough works are collected. First edition deadline: December 15th , 2013. Last edition deadline, August 15th , 2014. All the participants will receive a free copy of the complete, perforated giant color stampsheet inside an original GAC portfolio. 

Please no digital contributions via e-mail, send only works on paper. These works will be also exhibited at GAC events in 2014. 

Mail to: Vittore Baroni, Via C. Battisti 339, 55049 Viareggio, Italy.  


My Collage Art Hero: Nick Bantock

Nick Bantock recently posted on FaceBook that his "studio is stuffed to the gunnels with drawings, prints, collages, paintings, faux mail, dubious documents, and 3D pieces." He wants to get these pieces out of his studio and into the world.

I'm currently looking into what's available and it would make me uber happy to have a Nick Bantock original.

I credit Nick with inspiring my enthusiasm of mail art, with his Griffin & Sabine double trilogy, back in the early 90s, along with other works.

I'm very much excited about his upcoming new book release: The Trickster's Hat: A Mischievous Apprenticeship in Creativity due out in early January 2014.


New Artistamp Issue: Whether Weather or What

My hiatus over the last month has been due in part to family and friends passing away, along with my busiest season at work. Left me little time for extra-curriculars. When I did have free time, I preferred to do nothing but rest. However, I have created a few things and sent out a few pieces of mail over the last month. Here is one of the newest issues of my artistamps:

A new series reflecting my obsession with taking photos of brilliant skies. I will issue a new part to the series every 3 months.

If you'd like to receive a copy of the Fall 2013 issue, just ask. :)



Perforations and layout courtesy of The Blessed Father. I forgot to add my signature before I scanned. I will sign these before mail out. :)

Most exciting mail art in my mailbox in...well, forever.


Incoming: Test Tower

A breath of fresh air from Heebee Jeebeeland. Test sends his artistamp contribution to the Keep the Post Office Public mail art call from Cascadia Artpost. Well-done art, Test! I also enjoyed the Hannah Hoch Fanclub stamp in 3-D with the blue & red ink, along with the Air Mail. This stamping technique makes it jump off the paper!

Love the mention of lightning in his micro-note. Lightning and thunder give me happy tingles!

I have NEVER been to the West Coast. I am very, very much looking forward to visiting San Fran for Ex Postal Facto, then hopping a plane to Portland to visit my BFF&E. It will be epic.


Confirmed Receipt: Visions of Bosch

After the original collage failed to make it's way to ColoriMii, I sent a second attempt copy. It finally made it's way! Who knows where the original ended up. I haven't had very good delivery luck when I send collages in clear envelopes.

This collage was so detailed with a ton of tiny pieces, I was worried about sending it naked, so I covered it with a clear envie, plenty of postage and a personal note. Never found it's way.

At least there was time for me to get a copy in to still participate in this project.

Thanks, ColoriMii!


Outgoing: Civil Aviation Artistamps

Here is a pic of my outgoing contribution to the Civil Aviation Artistamp mail art call.

I also used these artistamps for the Cascadia Artpost call for Keep the Post Office Open. Two birds.


Outgoing: hurricanes and gentle rain...

I have mailed out my entry for the Hurricane mail art call. Very happy to be a participant to help raise funds for the American Red Cross - Southeast Louisiana Chapter.


Exciting! Ex Postal Facto 2014

Jennie at Red Letter Day was kind enough to send over some Ex Postal Facto announcement cards that I can spread among my network of mail art pals.

image from Red Letter Day blog

I am beside my self with excitement regarding this event. I've already mailed off my entry to Jennie for the mail/art/book call.

Planning has already started for my trip to San Francisco! Will I see you there??