Outgoing: Mail Art Postcard

Above is my entry to the mail art call, This is Where I Go, from Laura Bucci.

I made a digital square quilt out of my New England pictures from my last trip to visit family. My Pep (grandfather) passed away last week, so this is in homage to him. 

He built the house in the right-hand corner on the top of his mountain in Greenfield, New Hampshire. The upper right-hand corner is the view from his front yard. 

As a child, it was my favorite, most magical place to visit. This is where I go in my head when I need a retreat. Also included are pics of my Mem's garden, another of my top fave places to be. 

There are pics of Boston, Winthrop, and Lowell, too.


Incoming: New Mail Art Pal, Stephanie Dodson

Juicy envie!

lovely layers of color!


Stephie Dee & Bethany Lee may just have to do a collage collab in the future! 

I love Steph's style. Her envie was so full of color and joyful exploration of random large-scale collage, sized down to note card and ATC size. She beat me to the punch on sending out mail. Steph is just on the other side of the state from me. It's neat how small the net is sometimes, as she's also on AFA, IUOMA, and S-B.

Her clown artistamps of "happy mail" are pretty awesome!

Expect a reply soon, Steph!


Incoming: The Blessed Father - Holy Faux Postage, Batman!

Classy envie, humorous spirit and on-point presentation.

What a fun treat in my mailbox!! 

My first correspondence from "The Blessed Father". It is a mouthwatering smorgasbord of impeccable artistamps. You should have seen the cheesin' smile on my face as I took my time looking at each one. The Father's mail art style is clean and precise, just as I try to make my outgoings. 

Pleasant, perfect yummy perforations, of which I am jealous. 

I was just so flippin excited to receive this holy mail. Started on a reply right away with a carefully picked selection of my own artistamps. 


Outgoing: Keep the Post Office Public Mail Art Call

These are pics of the work-in-progress for my "Long Live the USPS" postcard:

Here is my finished submission for the Keep the Post Office Public! mail art call from Cascadia Artpost:


Intriguing Artist: Dustin Zormeir

Severed Aperture by Dustin Zormeir

Came across this artist while researching bookplates for an upcoming mail art project. Not sure how this image came into the feed, but I absolutely loved it! He has other collages that are just as mesmerizing, but I particularly love the one above.


Mail Art Hero

One of my mail art heroes, Nick Bantock, sent in a reply to one of the mail art calls I participated in: Mailmania 5! How cool is that?!?

by Nick Bantock


Incoming: Random Envie from "SM"

Had a surprise incoming random envie filled with fun ephemera from "SM". I believe this is another Brain Cell connection, but I didn't see anyone with the initials SM on the #861 list, so it may have been from a prior issue...didn't look back that far.

At least there is a return addy so I can send a reply. Wish I knew who this was, though...


Incoming: Postal ATC Trade

Incoming from Pamela @ Cappuccino and Art Journal

This came through the mail last week. Just now getting around to posting it. :)

Inspires me to get going on my submission for the Keep the Post Office Public! Mail art call over at Cascadia Artpost. September 30th deadline, so I should have plenty of time. Long Live the USPS!


Uppercase Issue #18

Opened my e-mail, and how exciting is this?!?

My tweet went out on Uppercase's e-mail to everyone. :)

I heart Uppercase a whole helluva lot!

I also just picked up two Eclectonotes. Like I need more journals and notepads (rolling eyes), but these were way too great to pass up!