My Collage Art Hero: Nick Bantock

Nick Bantock recently posted on FaceBook that his "studio is stuffed to the gunnels with drawings, prints, collages, paintings, faux mail, dubious documents, and 3D pieces." He wants to get these pieces out of his studio and into the world.

I'm currently looking into what's available and it would make me uber happy to have a Nick Bantock original.

I credit Nick with inspiring my enthusiasm of mail art, with his Griffin & Sabine double trilogy, back in the early 90s, along with other works.

I'm very much excited about his upcoming new book release: The Trickster's Hat: A Mischievous Apprenticeship in Creativity due out in early January 2014.


  1. I credit Nick Bantock in huge part with my interest in and fascination with mail art, ephemera, collage, art journaling....An original would be quite amazing!

  2. Andria, thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting. Totally there with you by being inspired by Nick! I did it, pulled the trigger and an original Nick Bantock piece is on its way to me!!! I'll post a pic once I receive it. :)