Incoming: New Mail Art Pal, Stephanie Dodson

Juicy envie!

lovely layers of color!


Stephie Dee & Bethany Lee may just have to do a collage collab in the future! 

I love Steph's style. Her envie was so full of color and joyful exploration of random large-scale collage, sized down to note card and ATC size. She beat me to the punch on sending out mail. Steph is just on the other side of the state from me. It's neat how small the net is sometimes, as she's also on AFA, IUOMA, and S-B.

Her clown artistamps of "happy mail" are pretty awesome!

Expect a reply soon, Steph!

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  1. Sweetness! Thanks for the blog love. That was my first attempt at an artistamp - hope I did it "right" (the image is an ATC I did not too long ago).

    See you around, neighbor! I'm down for a collab anytime :D