Incoming from DKA Post

I have admired the artistamps of DKA Post for a while now. I've seen DKA in BrainCell and at various mail art blogs around the web. Every time I see her mailings, I oogle them. It was about time I sent her some mail! (To get mail, you must send mail).

I sent her an ATC print of my Hannah Hoch collage and some of the new issue of Pegasus Postale artistamps.

She sent these in reply:

(lovely envie! It's hard to see in the scan, but the Femail Issue postmark is fantastic.)

(the above elicited a major squeal from my inner stamp geek)

(another squeal! I've been collecting my own license plate spottings for some time now. However, I'm always in the car driving, so I've never been able to snap a photo of any of them. Love this issue!)

(notecard reply with a nice note from D. on the reverse.)

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