I've held on to the postcard above for a while now. When I came across Val Herman's Phone Box mail art call, I thought it was a perfect fit. Thinking about how my daughter would have no clue what half of the stuff is on here, I added "the kids say "What?!?" and added a few more comments from there. Even the telephone is a foreign image to her, as represented here. She only video calls her friends. 

I also found it interesting that this postcard is a reproduction of an "Indian Educational Chart". Produced when??

And below is an outgoing to BrainCell. It's currently at No. 857. So, I'll likely miss out on No. 858. My next goal will be No. 868 and then (crossing my fingers) I can align the timing to make it onto No. 888 (my current Mail Art goal). I think I'll create a special artistamp for that issue in hopes of upping my odds.

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