Currently On My Desk: New Mini-Zine

Finished a new mini-zine, the first for 2014. 
I compiled my collection of incoming mail from 2013 for this zine. 

"The Infinite Network presents: A mini-zine of Incomings. circa 2013"

This is a short run, and I will only be sending it to fellow mail artists who are included in this spread. They will be headed to the P.O. on Saturday. There are a few select friends that I know will not be attending XPF, so I'm going to bring their envies with me and mail out after I've added on some XPF stampings. 

And last, but not least, the new issue of Uppercase Magazine made it to my mailbox yesterday!

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  1. Your zine looks awesome! I'd love a look inside...what a great way to commemorate a year of mail art!