Currently On My Desk: XPF Prep

Thank you for the lovely comments on my XPF stamp. I am quite surprised that such a little thing, and not even well done (IMO) has drawn the most comments from any other post I've ever published. :)

I am pretty excited about the upcoming trip to San Francisco for Ex Postal Facto. In preparation for my trip, I've been playing with a few designs of goodies to bring with me to share.

For a while now, I've wanted to make a triangle stamp so I figure now is as good a time as any!

I posted this image two days ago:

While I love this design, I truthfully OVER-designed it for the rubberstamp edition. 

Note to Self: convert to B&W only image for future rubberstamp productions. The grayscale that I left in there with the text made the text disappear in the end result. Though, I knew I was running the risk when I approved the proof. I've had many, many stamp designs produced and they usually turn out just fine with grayscale. But with this text, it should have been done all in white, no gradiation. Lesson learned. :)

Here's my first test run:

It's not my best work, but it will do. The "Ex Postal Facto" and "mail/art/book" are not visible. But, "SF" and "XPF", along with the 2014 at the top and "PPP" are visible, so I'm not going to redesign/reprint this. Time is running out before my trip and I'm going to bring it as is.

Side note:
I'm normally a super picky, everything must be in its place collage/creation person. But, I am practicing allowing myself to make mistakes, or be a little more free (sloppy?) with my applications. Therefore, I am going to use this stamp at XPF and use it with pride that I CAN let it be, even if it is not perfect.
The flaws give it character, yes?

There are a few other versions floating around on my computer. 
Here is the original stamp that I used as a template:

This is the photo I wanted to use as the SF reference:

(I couldn't find who took this photo, so I apologize for lack of credit.)

I started with the triangle shape below, but once I knew I wanted to use the above photo, I changed to a wider triangle.

(early in the design stage. 
See, I tried to play nice with making the photo B&W versus this Grayscale image. 
Overlooked when adding in the text, though. :| )

I was undecided whether I was making an artistamp or a rubberstamp. So, I made both. Below is a better reflection of what I was going for. I'll produce a short run of these artistamps in honor of the XPF weekend.

I really liked the air mail wings I added on to the rubberstamp, so I had one made just for itself. 
Of course, this is going in my LWA bag o' postal goodies for the trip.

Are you making anything fun at the moment? Going to XPF, too?!? If so, what goodies are you bringing?

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  1. These stamps are beautiful! I love seeing your in-progress photos, as well as the finished product. Can hardly wait to have you put one of those beauties in my XPF passport! :-)