The Green Whiskman

(loved the incoming envie almost as much as the collage!)

(Here he is in all of his glory. The Green Whiskman mono collage, 
originally created for Nick Bantock's book, The Forgetting Room)

(Here the Whiskman sits in his new environment, my kitchen)

Nick recently downsized his house and had a "cleaning out" sale once he got to his new space and needed the room. Unfortunately, I missed out on the sale of his rubberstamps (can you flippin' imagine how awesome his stamp collection was/is?!?) But at least I was able to purchase an original piece. I felt akin to Lester Burnham in American Beauty. "...I've always wanted and now I have it. I RULE!" 

"Keeping Posted" c. 1949 by Elvgren. 

While I'm showing you my mail-themed kitchen, here is "my Girl", as I affectionately call her. 

Elvgren painted a few other postal-themed girls, which I hope to add to my collection one day. But, I fell in love with this one first and she will always hold a special place in my heart.


  1. Very cool! But wait -- Nick Bantock had a rubber stamp sale????? And I didn't know about it? What DID we miss? But you scored a print -- how lovely. (Wouldn't your girl there make a cool artistamp? I'm just sayin')....

  2. A Nick Bantock collage....what a treasure!