Nearing my Current Mail Art Goal

Well, it is in the hands of Mr. Cohen at this point. Brain Cell is currently at issue #884. I sent mail out to Japan on March 3rd, March 17th, April 2nd and April 16th.

I was not included in issue #884, so I hope this bodes well that my four mailings will get me included in Issue #888, which has been my goal for a looooooong while now. For over 100 issues, at least. I did my best to time it in sync.

I didn't create a special artistamp for the issue, as I previously mentioned. One, I wasn't sure it would align with the issue I made it for; don't want to assume. Also, the time crept up on me, and I'd rather have something on #888 than spend time making something special and getting it put on #889.

So, the waiting begins.

Here are some of my previous mailings to Brain Cell:



Fluxus Buck (front)

Fluxus Buck (back)

Also, I am getting caught up on my Incomings (FEB & MARCH) and will be posting about those soon. But, since I am Blogging Without Obligation, please don't hold your breath! :) 

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